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RED LINE Test Fire Videos

100 Square Foot Pan Fire

This 100 square foot pan fire is used to test extinguishers for a 40-B UL rating. Pan fires are the only type of test fire used by UL for Class B ratings.

Because the UL standard requires a minimum discharge time for each Class B rating, high flow extinguishers can have ratings that are lower than their actual fire extinguishing capability. In this video, the 20-B rated RED LINE high flow extinguisher on the left easily extinguishes the pan fire used for 40-B ratings, and does so much faster than the 120-B rated extinguisher on the right.

Pressurized Flammable Liquid & Gas Fire-Propane Jet

This one inch, propane gas line fire represents a typical industrial gas line break that found an ignition source. It is important to note, you should always attempt to extinguish this type of fire by shutting off the flow of fuel. However, if the valve or people are involved in the fire, there is no choice but to extinguish the fire.

As you can see in the videos, it takes a high flow extinguisher delivering over one pound per second of dry chemical to extinguish this fire. The RED LINE high flow extinguisher on the left makes quick work of the fire with agent remaining to extinguish again if necessary, while the stored pressure extinguisher on the right is unable to extinguish the fire.

Tri-level Fire

This fire simulates a conveyer system moving product through a dip tank with flammable liquids and on to the next destination. This operation/hazard can result in a combination of fires, a spill fire, fuel in depth fire, a gravity fed fire and an obstacle fire, requiring a high flow extinguisher.

Again we see the superiority of RED LINE high flow extinguishers in real life industrial applications. The RED LINE extinguisher quickly suppresses the fire on the left, but the conventional stored pressure extinguisher is unable to suppress the fire on the right, even when employed by a highly experienced operator.

Obstacle Fire

This fire demonstrate a spill fire with an obstacle, a very common risk scenario in an industrial environment.

The conventional stored pressure fire extinguisher does not have enough dry chemical per second being discharged to fully engulf the obstacle and extinguish the fire. The RED LINE high flow extinguisher, however, has a much higher dry chemical agent flow rate that will reach around the obstacle enabling a quick extinguishment.

Test Fire Videos